Saturday, January 7, 2017

My 2nd DOT TO DOT Challenge.

I decided to do the same challenge again and see what I would come up with.
I used this side of the box this time.

Added texture with used tea mixed into gesso and white paint.

Added strips of material...used light colours this time.
Added a smaller piece of cardboard and texturized it with the tea paste.

Sprayed 3 colours of ink so that it would run down the piece.
Stamped dots with metallic purple paint and added decorative masking tape.
Again used what Jacqui Myles had sent to me.

Finished piece after adding the Shakespeare quote and the bamboo pieces.
Also used the coffee and edged the piece with purple gelato.



Louise said...

So yummy Roz!

I am loving this challenge of Joans :)

Roz Willoughby said...

Thanks so much Louise!

mothertiger said...

Wow! You're on fire girl. So fast and so good.

Roz Willoughby said...

Thank you very much Pam!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Used tea leaves - wow never thought of that! Super textures and very experimental/adventurous piece of art!

Roz Willoughby said...

Thanks so much Zsuzsa...very fun!

Win Dinn said...

Such wonderful texture and colour in the tactile look of it!

Roz Willoughby said...

Thanks so much Win!